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Yuuji Urushihara

3rd Ninja Warrior Grand Champion Yuuji Urushihara

Yuuji Urushihara (first name misspelled as "Yuji" in the U.S. broadcast) is a shoe salesman and a huge SASUKE fan and leader of the Shin Sedai. He is also the Third Grand Champion of SASUKE, and the only Grand Champion to clear the course twice. He has competed on SASUKE eight times so far, alongside his friend Hitoshi Kanno. He made his debut in SASUKE 21 and failed the Flying Chute. His first impression was in SASUKE 22, when he made it all the way to the Final Stage. Urushihara became very close to becoming the Third Grand Champion of SASUKE, but time expired when he was climbing up the G-Rope in the Final Stage. Many hoped he would acheive Kanzenseiha in SASUKE 23, but in Stage Two, Urushihara rushed his dismount on the then-new obstacle, the Unstable Bridge, and jumped back to the plank to grab it, and ultimately fell into the water. But in SASUKE 24, he made it all the way to the Final Stage again, and this time acheived Kanzenseiha by clearing the Final Stage with just 3.5 seconds left on the clock, thus becoming the Third Grand Champion of SASUKE. When the SASUKE course was redesigned in SASUKE 25, Urushihara made it to Stage Two, but failed the new Double Salmon Ladder, when the stick slid off one bar and his right foot touched the water, thus disqualifying him. In SASUKE 26, he returned and almost fell off the new obstacle- the Rolling Escargot-, which took out his friend Kanno Hitoshi, but he refused to be taken out by the obstacle and cleared it, then he almost failed the Jumping Spider, but he defied the odds and jumped back onto the trampoline, and yet, he made it past the Jumping Spider, but sadly, he went out at the Half-Pipe Attack. But in SASUKE 27, he went all the way to the Final Stage for a third time and acheived Kanzenseiha for a second time, making him the only Grand Champion to beat the entire SASUKE course two times.


This list shows all of the Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) tournament's that Urushihara previously competed in.

G4 names

  • 21st Competition (72) - Failed Flying Chute - 1st Stage
  • 22nd Competition (77) - Failed Rope Climb - Final Stage
  • 23rd Competition (99) - Failed Unstable Bridge - 2nd Stage
  • 24th Competition (93) - Total Victory (3.57 sec) - Final Stage
  • 25th Competition (100) - Failed Double Salmon Ladder - 2nd Stage +
  • 26th Competition (100) - Failed Half-Pipe Attack - 1st Stage
  • 27th Competition (99) - Total Victory (6.71 sec) - Final Stage
  • 28th Competition (88) - Failed Crazy Cliffhanger - 3rd Stage
  • 29th Completition (99) - Failed Backstream - 2nd Stage
  • 30th Completition (2993) - Failed Wall Lifting - 2nd Stage

(+ When Urushihara was on the Double Salmon Ladder, the stick slipped and his foot touched the water, yet disqualifying himself from the competition.)

Ninja Warrior Yuuji Urushihara's Total Victory in Tournament 2409:42

Ninja Warrior Yuuji Urushihara's Total Victory in Tournament 24

Video of Yuuji Urushihara's amazing Total Victory in the 24th Ninja Warrior tournament.

TBS names
  • SASUKE 21: #72 - Fail Flying Chute
  • SASUKE 22: #77 - Time Out G-Rope
  • SASUKE 23: #99 - Fail Unstable Bridge
  • SASUKE 24: #93 - KANZENSEIHA 3.57 seconds
  • SASUKE 25: 100, Fail Double Salmon Ladder
  • SASUKE 26: 100, Fail Halfpipe Attack
  • SASUKE 27: 99, KANZENSEIHA 6.71 seconds
  • SASUKE RISING: 88, Fail Crazy Cliffhanger
  • SASUKE RISING 2: 99,Fail Backstream
  • SASUKE RISING 3: 2993,Fail Wall Lifting

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