Ultimate Cliffhanger

Behold the Ultimate CLIFFHANGER!

The Ultimate Cliffhanger is one of the most challenging obstacles in all of SASUKE. It is a spinoff of the original Cliffhanger (and its variants), with the addition of much more endurance needed to pass. It has been executing (not really, but you know what I mean) challengers in Stage 3 for a while.


The Ultimate Cliffhanger is longer in distance and height, so there is usually a box of chalk waiting for those who dare try to conquer it. It slopes inwards a little at the start, so a good grip is needed for the first two ledges... once those are passed, a longer beam will needs to be traversed and onto a short beam, which is a good foot sideways and up. This small beam isn't the smallest however- the most difficult part is the next ledge, a small, 1/3 foot beam that requires an extensive arm length to bypass. This is what usually kills competitors. The grip barely allows any hand room... but once this is passed, you must descend down to a much more lengthy beam and ease onto the next obstacle.