Warped Wall, arial shot

An aerial shot of the Warped Wall on SASUKE 20

The Soriatsu Kabe, or the Warped Wall in Ninja Warrior, was a notable obstacle that has been used since SASUKE 5. All of the All-Stars have failed there at least once except for Yamamoto Shingo. 


The Warped Wall consists of a plank with a decent sized width that curves upwards slowly, at first, but then launches upwards to where the ramp goes straight up (in some Warped Wall variants, it even goes inwards a bit. Momentum is a necessary skill for this, as well as arm strength; the challenger must grab the ridge and pull themselves up and over to the next obstacle.

You can't fall into any muddy water on this particular obstacle, but the time restraints of Stage 1 usually kills the competitors. Also, each time you try, you lose stamina... so you might want to get this bitch done the first go at it, or you're screwed.