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The Shin-Cliffhanger (literal meaning: New-Cliffhanger) is the fourth version of the Cliffhanger. It was introduced after Makoto Nagano completed the course, in the 17th, and remained until Yuuji Urushihara completed the course, in Sasuke 24.

Ledge DesignEdit

In the Shin-Cliffhanger, the first ledge remains the same, being 2.4 metres long, but the second is shortened to 77cm and inclined to about 12 degrees, increasing the gap between the second and third ledges to one metre. As a small compensation for the added difficulty, the first half of the third ledge is wider, making it easier to grab onto after the jump.

Shunsuke NagasakiEdit

In the 18th Tournament, Shunsuke Nagasaki attempted to cross the one metre gap between the second and third ledge by stretching his long arms - this didn't work, and the people who have cleared it jumped from ledge to ledge, showing that spreading your arms across the gap is not the method to use.

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