This tournament aired in Spring 2001 and it marks the first appearence of the 2nd version of the final stage. It also marks the first appearance of then-future Grand Champion Makoto Nagano, who was then starting off as a beginner, but Nagano could not get past the Warped Wall.

Results for competetors that reached Stage 3 or Higher.

No.97 Shingo Yamamoto failed Spider Climb(injured)/Final

No.46 Kenji Takahashi failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.40 Hironori Kuboki failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.81 Shane Kosugi failed Body Prop/3rd

No.95 James Okada failed Propeller Bars/3rd

NOTE:Yamamoto dislocated his shoulder about 3 meters up and was forced to withdraw.

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