This tournament first aired in Autumn 1999. This is the tournament where crab fisherman Kazuhiko Akiyama acheived Total Victory and became the first of three Grand Champions of Ninja Warrior, the others being Makoto Nagano in Sasuke 17, and Yuuji Urushihara in both Sasuke 24 and Sasuke 27.

thumb|300px|right|Kazuhiko Akiyama's Total Victory in Sasuke 4.

Results for competetors who reached Stage 3 or Higher(below)

No.86 Kazuhiko Akiyama TOTAL VICTORY

No.81 Naoki Iketani failed Pipe Slider/3rd

No.40 Eiichi Miura failed Pipe Slider/3rd

No.3 Hiroyuki Asaoka failed Pipe Slider/3rd

No.94 Travis Schrader Disqualified on Pipe Slider/3rd

No.100 Katsumi Yamada failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.97 Kane Kosugi failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.95 Hiroaki Yoshizaki failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.51 Takuyu Ueda failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.43 Takayuki Kawashima failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.64 Shusuke Sato failed Pole Jump/3rd

NOTE:When Schrader Attempted the Pipe Slider he pushed one side harder than the other and the pipe slipped off the track and was hanging by the wires therefore going off course.