Sasuke 26 was aired in Japan in the fall of 2010 in Japan, and in spring 2011 in the United States on G4. Although some of the All-Stars returned, all of them wiped out on the First Stage, especially Katsumi Yamada formerly known as "Mr. Ninja Warrior", and gas-station manager Shingo Yamamoto, whose Stage 1 run ended at the new obstacle, the Rolling Escargot. Both Grand Champions Makoto Nagano and Yuuji Urushihara were outdone by the First Stage. Only 5 American competitors and four of the regular Japanese competitors (with the exception of Lee Enchi who is Taiwanese), ever made it to Stage Two and beyond. In the end only four american competitors and Lee Enchi and Yoshiyuki Okuyama made it to Stage Three, but still no one could get past the Ultimate Cliff-Hanger. This tournament was the most shocking, but it marked the return of American challenger David Campbell, who had not competed in Ninja Warrior since Sasuke 22. Levi Meeuenberg could not compete in this tournament due to a wrist injury, and first grand champion Kazuhiko Akiyama, firefighter Toshihiro Takeda, were absent from this tournament.

thumb|300px|right|The end of David Campbell's run on Sasuke 26 due to his failure on the Ultimate-Cliff Hanger

Here's the results for competitors who made it to Stage 3 or higher:

David Campbell (??) - Failed Ultimate-Cliff Hanger - Stage Three

Brian Orosco (??) - Failed Roulette Cylinder - Stage Three

Lee Enchi (??) - Failed Ultimate-Cliff Hanger - Stage Three

Yoshiyuki Okuyama (??) - Failed Ultimate-Cliff Hanger - Stage Three

Paul Kasemir (??) - Failed Doorknob Grasper - Third Stage

Brent Steffensen (??) - Failed Ultimate-Cliff Hanger - Third Stage


Stage 1:

Step Slider Hazard Swing Rolling Escargot Jumping Spider Halfpipe Attack Warped Wall Giant Swing Tarzan Rope + Rope Ladder 4 130.0

Stage 2:

Slider Drop Double-Salmon Ladder + Unstable Bridge Balance Tank Metal Spin Wall Lifting 95.0

Stage 3:

Although no one could still get past the Ultimate-Cliff Hanger, Alison Haislip G4's Attack of the Show host revealed the unknown obstacles on the American Competitors runs shown on American Ninja Warrior which only shows the American Competitors runs.

Roulette Cylinder + Doorknob Grasper Cycle Road Ultimate Cliff Hanger Swing Circle + Bungee Rope Climb Flying Bar

Final Stage:

No one has reached the Final Stage, so nothing is known about it.

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