Introduction Edit

Sasuke 25 happened in 2010. It was the first tournament after Yuuji Urushihara's victory, so the entire course was redesigned. To catch out the new-stars, several old obstacles like the Jump Hang and Rolling Log returned.


Results for challengers who reached Stage 3 or higherEdit

Competitor Stage Obstacle

No. 80 Lee Enchi

Third Failed Ultimate Cliff Hanger
No. 60 Koji Hashimoto Third Failed Ultimate Cliff Hanger
No. 40 Kenji Takahashi Third Failed Ultimate Cliff Hanger
No. 50 Yoshiyuki Okuyama Third Failed Ultimate Cliff Hanger
No. 69 Brian Orosco Third Failed Doorknob Grasper

Other resultsEdit

Kazuhiko Akiyama was defeated by the Warped Wall (1st) (No. 98)

Champion Yuuji Urushihara was defeated by the Double-Salmon Ladder (2nd) (No. 100)

Levi Meeuenburg was defeated by the Slider Drop (2nd) (No. ?)

Makoto Nagano was defeated by the Circle Slider (1st) (No. 99)

Toshihiro Takeda was defeated by the Double-Salmon Ladder (2nd) (No.70)

Shingo Yamamoto was defeated by the Balance Tank (2nd) (No. 90)

Hitoshi Kanno was defeated by the Balance Tank (2nd) (No. 89)


First StageEdit

Dome Steps Rolling Log Jump Hang Bridge Jump Log Grip Warped Wall Circle Slider Tarzan Rope + Rope Ladder

Time Limit: 115 seconds

Second StageEdit

Slider Drop Double-Salmon Ladder + Unstable Bridge Balance Tank Metal Spin Wall Lifting

Time Limit: 95 seconds

Third StageEdit

Roulette Cylinder + Doorknob Grasper Floating Board Ultimate Cliff Hanger Unknown A + Unknown B Unknown C

Time Limit: Unlimted


The 5th, 6th and 7th obstacles on the Third Stage are unknown, as no-one has passed the Ultimate Cliffhanger and reached them.

Final StageEdit

No-one has reached the Final Stage so absolutely nothing is known about it.


+ is a direct follow-on from the previous obstacle, with no way to recuperate in between

Old obstacles were supposedly brought back to defeat the New-Stars, who had never seen the likes of the Jump Hang and the Rolling Log before.


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