Sasuke 24 is the twenty-fourth Ninja Warrior Competition, and this is the tournament, where 31 year old shoe salesman, Yuuji Urushihara, became the Third Grand Champion of Ninja Warrior, the other two being Kazuhiko Akiyama (in Sasuke 4), and Makoto Nagano (in Sasuke 17). It was also the first Ninja Warrior Competition to be held on New Year's Day. Because of Urushihara's victory, a new era of Ninja Warrior has just begun. Also, this tournament was the first time that five people advanced to the Final Stage, the people were: Lee Enchi, Yoshiyuki Okuyama, Kenji Takahashi, Koji Hashimoto, and of course Yuuji Urushihara.

In the end of this tournament, only five men advanced to the final stage:

Lee Enchi - Failed G-Rope_?? Final

Yoshiyuki Okuyama - Failed G-Rope_?? Final

Yuuji Urushihara - TOTAL VICTORY_?? Final

Kenji Takahashi - Failed G-Rope_?? Final

Koji Hashimoto - Failed G-Rope_?? Final

Some of the competitors who made it past Stage 1 and beyond in the last tournament suffered shocking defeats:

Hitoshi Kanno - Kanno struggled on the Warped Wall, losing valuable time, but got past the Warped Wall on his third try, and made it past the Slider Jump, only to run out of time afterwards. (Stage 1)

Makoto Nagano - Nagano made it to the Jumping Spider, only to rush his dismount and fall into the water below. (Stage 1)

Toshihiro Takeda - Takeda (the world's toughest firefighter) made it all the way to the third stage, only to fall off the Spider Flip when his arms struggled to climb up the wall of the obstacle. (Stage 3)

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