thumb|300px|right|David Campbell's short-lived run in Sasuke 22.This tournament aired in Spring 2009 and held the 4th American Ninja Challenge with Olivia Munn, David Campbell, Luci Romberg, and Levi Meeueenburg. Also the 3rd version of the Final Stage is revealed. Also in this tournament, Japanese look-alikes of U.S. President Barack Obama (Nochi) and Jack Bauer (Mannibu Kishi) competed in this tournament

Results for competitors who reached Stage 3 or Higher

No.77 Yuji Urushihara failed G-Rope/Final Stage

No.49 Hitoshi Kanno Disqualified on Spider Flip/3rd Stage

No.84 Yoshiyuki Okuyama failed Shin-Cliff Hanger/3rd Stage

No.79 Lee Enchi failed Shin-Cliff Hanger/3rd Stage

NOTE:When Kanno climbed the Spider Flip his foot touched the metal support beam therefore going off course.

Results for other competitors

No.100 Makoto Nagano failed Slider Jump/1st Stage

No.?? Toshihiro Takeda failed Jumping Spider/1st Stage

No.?? Nochi (Barack Obama impersonator) failed Log Grip/1st Stage

No.?? Mannibu Kishi (Jack Bauer impersonator) failed Sextuple Steps/1st Stage

No.?? Levi Meeuwenberg failed Slider Jump/1st Stage

No?? Luci Romberg failed Jumping Spider/1st Stage

No.?? Hiromichi Sato failed Metal Spin/2nd Stage

No.?? David Campbell failed Final Climb/1st Stage (time expired)

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