This tournament aired in Autumn 2008 and held the 3rd American Ninja Challenge with Olivia Munn, Kevin Pereria, Mark Witmer, Luci Romberg, Brian Orosco, and Levi Meeueenburg.

Results for competitors who reached Stage 3 or HigherEdit

No.100 Makoto Nagano failed Gliding Ring/3rd

No.98 Toshihiro Takeda failed Hang Climbing/3rd

No.97 Daisuke Miyazaki failed Devil Steps/3rd

Other ResultsEdit

No. 71 Shingo Yamamoto failed Flying Chute/1st

No. 83 Bunpei Shiratori failed Downhill Jump/2nd

No. 96 Katsumi Yamada failed Warped Wall (injured) /1st

No. 42 Koji Hashimoto failed Warped Wall/1st

No. ? Daisuke Nakata failed Salmon Ladder/2nd

Challengers who didn't competeEdit

All-Star Kazuhiko Akiyama New-Star and Future Grand Champion Yuuji Urushihara

New-Star Hitoshi Kanno

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