This Tournament was on Mt.Midoryama and the Courses after have stayed there since then. Aired Spring 1998.

Results For Competetors who have reached Stage 3 or Higher(below)

No.97 Hikaru Tanaka failed Final Rope/Final Stage

No.99 Akira Omori failed Final Rope/Final Stage

No.30 Eiichi Miura failed Pipe Slider/3rd

No.95 Shigeyuki Nakamura failed Pipe Slider/3rd

No.83 Hiroaki Yoshizaki failed Pipe Slider/3rd

No.20 Shingo Yamamoto failed Pipe Slider/3rd

No.72 Mazakazu Ebihara Disqualified on Pipe Slider/3rd

No.65 Ken Hasegawa failed Pipe Slider/3rd

No.42 Tatsuya Yamamoto failed Pipe Slider/3rd

NOTE:When Ebihara Lowered himself down the Pipe Slider the Pipe slipped off the track and hung by the wires therefore going off course.

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