thumb|right|300px|Video of Makoto Nagano's run in Sasuke 14.This tournament aired in Autumn 2005.

Results for competetors that reached Stage 3 or Higher.

No.68 Shinji Kobayashi failed Devils Swing/3rd

No.100 Makoto Nagano failed Jumping Bars/3rd

No.97 Toshihiro Takeda failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.84 Jordan Jovtchev failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.86 Hiroyuki Asaoka failed Cliff Hanger/3rd

No.98 Shingo Yamamoto failed Curtain Cling/3rd

No.94 Masaki Kobayashi failed Body Prop/3rd

No.76 Terakazu Ishikawa failed Body Prop/3rd

No.81 Naoki Iketani failed Body Prop/3rd

No.91 Kosuke Yamaguchi failed Rumbling Dice/3rd

NOTE:Kobayashi knocked the pipe away and failed to make it.

thumb|right|300px|Video of Kazuhiko Akiyama's run in the 14th Ninja Warrior tournament.