This tournament aired in Summer 2002 and in this tournament the numbering system ran from 901-1000, to show that 1000 attempts had been made to climb the Final Stage. Similarly, in Sasuke 20, the numbers ran from 1991 to 2000.

Results for competitors who reached Stage 3Edit

No.1000 Katsumi Yamada failed Pipe Slider 3rd

No.971 Naoki Iketani failed Cliff Hanger 3rd

No.940 Daisuke Nakata failed Lamp Grasper 3rd

No.954 Hiroyuki Asaoka failed Body Prop 3rd


Stage 1Edit

Quintuple Step Rolling Log Dance Bridge Jump Hang Warped Wall Tarzan Rope + Rope Climb 80.0

Stage 2Edit

Chain Reaction Brick Climb Spider Walk Balance Tank Reverse Conveyor Wall Lifting 85.0

Stage 3Edit

Rumbling Dice Body Prop Lamp Grasp 11 Cliff Hanger Pipe Slider

Final StageEdit

Spider Climb [12.5m] 10m Rope Climb [10m]

Note: No-one reached the Final Stage, but it is known to have remained the same.