Intro Edit

The Great Wall, Double Salmon Ladder, Neo Cliffhanger and Lumberjack Climb all failed to keep Shinji from climbing the tower and becoming Ninja Warrior's third Grand Champion. Now the course has been redesigned in order to stop a fourth champion.

But the designers didn't count on a returning champion....

Jon returns to take on the course, but everything else has changed. Jon will need to relearn the four stages of Mount Haruyama if he wants to be to reclaim his title as Grand Champion.

Controls Edit

D-Move Forward

A-Move Backward

S-Stamina Break



T-Restart Stage

M-Return to Menu

Stage 1 Edit

Time Limit: 115 seconds

  1. Prism Tilt
  2. Log Grip
  3. Spin Bridge
  4. Jump Hang
  5. Catapult Swing
  6. Warped Wall
  7. Circle Slider
  8. Rope Climb

Stage 2 Edit

Time Limit:90 seconds

  1. Downhill Jump
  2. Salmon Ladder
  3. Unstable Bridge
  4. Balance Tank
  5. Backstream
  6. Wall Lift

Stage 3 Edit

Time Limit:210 Seconds

  1. Rumbling Dice
  2. Flying Bar
  3. Devil Steps
  4. Cliffhanger
  5. Swing Circle
  6. Ledge Climb
  7. Devil's Swing
  8. Pipe Slider

Stage 4 Edit

Time Limit: 35 seconds

  1. Triple Rope Climb