Grand Renewal is the second game in the Ninja Warrior series on Newgrounds, created by UnrealCanine. The game follows the story that Kanzenseiha has been achieved, and in honor of this the designers have made the course even tougher. Throughout the four stages of the game, like SASUKE, the course gets harder as the player proceeds, with loads of new obstacles- and a few game-exclusive ones.

Normal ControlsEdit

Left: Backward

Right: Forward

Up: Jump

Down: Regain Stamina

Space: Interact with Obstacles

Playing the GameEdit

Danny's Backyard (aka Zeroth Stage)Edit

Danny is your character. This resembles the training courses that some of the All-Stars build.

Although this technically isn't a stage, it is a training course, and it's obstacles are listed here by Japanese names.

  1. Rokudantobi
  2. Jumping Spider
  3. Soritatsu Kabe
  4. Slider Jump
  5. Salmon Ladder
  6. Jump Hang
  7. Cliffhanger
  8. Skywalk
  9. Jumping Bars
  10. Pipe Slider

First StageEdit

The player must navigate nine obstacles, and although the time given may seem plenty from the beginning, near the end, there typically isn't much left.

Obstacles that appeared in the actual SASUKE will be listed in italics and obstacles appearing in the first game and in the actual SASUKE are underlined.

First Stage Obstacles
Obstacle Name Attribute(s) (i.e. Speed Stamina, etc.) Method/ Description
Step Slider (SASUKE 26 & 27) fall in water The player must jump past three slopes and then jump to and grab a rope which will bring the competitor to a platform.
Log Grip (SASUKE 18-25) go to africa and get eaten by a snake The player must traverse the Log Grip by coming up to the log, pressing space and hanging on. Danny will fall after each drop though, and the player must hit Up then Space quickly after each drop to avoid a fail.
Rolling Escargot (SASUKE 26-28) Timing A tough obstacle yet it has a simple concept, the player must hit the arrow key associated with whatever direction Danny is facing.
Jumping Spider (SASUKE 18-24, 26 and 27) Speed/ Timing The player jumps, hits the mini tramp, and gets into the walls with space. He must then cross the obstacle by pressing the arrow key pointing to whichever direction he wants to move in, then space, repeatedly.
Slope Attack Speed/ Jump Most likely a variation of the Half-Pipe Attack, the competitor runs up a slope, jumps, grabs a rope and then drops once near the platform.
Soritatsu Kabe (Warped Wall) Jump/ Stamina Pretty much the same as the first game's version except for the fact that the wall is much more difficult to scale.
Slider Jump (SASUKE 22-24) Jump/ Timing The player grabs a bar that slides down a track. Just before reaching the end of the track, though, the competitor should jump forward, grab a rope, and climb holding up.
Tarzan Rope (SASUKE 10-12) (Don't worry about stamina for the rest of this stage) Swing/ Jump The player must swing and jump across four ropes, then onto a fifth rope.
Rope Climb Speed On the fifth rope they must climb by holding up, then hit the button with space.

Three toughest obstacles (in order of appearance, not easiest to hardest or hardest to easiest)

  • Rolling Escargot (3rd obstacle)
  • Soritatsu Kabe (6th)
  • Slider Jump (7th)

Time Limit: 115 seconds

Second StageEdit

The Second Stage is viewed as taking place in the later evening, even though the Second Stage usually takes place early in the night. There are six obstacles to clear, with -amazingly- no game-exclusive obstacles.

Second Stage Obstacles
Obstacle Name Attribute(s) Method/ Description
Chain Reaction (SASUKE 7-17) Timing The player must slide down a track, and drop to grab on to a second chain.
Salmon Ladder (SASUKE 18-24) Timing/ Stamina The player must climb the seven rungs by pressing up when the character's shoulders are closest to the bar, and hold space before landing the bar on the rung.
Unstable Bridge Speed/ Jump The contestant jumps along the two planks with up/ right, and jumps to the second plank/ platform with right.
Balance Tank Stamina The player must walk onto the cylinder and as it rolls forward, they must press/ hold left to avoid an incompletion.
Metal Spin Timing/ Jump This version of the obstacle is similar to the Metal Spin in SASUKE 16-27. The competitor jumps on a trampoline, grabs a rope, and halfway through must jump up and grab the rope again to avoid falling in the water when the rope extends.
Wall Lifting Stamina The player lifts three walls that get heavier as the player progresses. The player must lift each wall by walking up the wall, hitting space, and pressing up repeatedly.

Three toughest obstacles:

  • Salmon Ladder
  • Unstable Bridge
  • Metal Spin

Time Limit: 80.0 seconds

Third StageEdit

The Third Stage features obstacles from all three SASUKE eras. There are eight obstacles to clear. Again, this is a very strength draining stage.

Third Stage Obstacles
Obstacle Name Attribute(s) (Obstacle whose only attribute is Stamina will be listed as N/A) Method/ Description
Rumbling Dice N/A The player must navigate the Rumbling Dice by pressing left, right, and down, respectively and repeatedly. At the end of the obstacle the contestant automatically switches over to the Sly Chain.
Sly Chain N/A The player must slide the chain along the track by hitting left then right, over and over.
Body Prop Timing The competitor must walk up to the very edge of the two platforms and hit space. He must then climb across the walls with left and right. However, if there is a single moment where a button is NOT being pressed, the player will fall.
Shin-Cliffhanger Swing/ Jump/ Timing The contestant walks up to a ledge and presses space to grab on. He must then cross the ledge by hitting left then right repeatedly. At the end of the ledge, he must press up to get onto a second ledge, slanted upwards. At the end of this ledge, though, the contestant will start swinging. At the fourth swing forward, the player must jump with up. Then he must immediately hold space to ensure he grabs onto the third ledge. Once he does, he must cross in the same way as the first ledge.
Jumping Bars Timing/ Jump In the Jumping Bars, the player jumps across five bars with right, grabbing each with space.
Ascending Ropes Jump This obstacle is most closely related to the Bungee Rope Climb. The contestant climbs up the first rope with up, then swings past the ropes all the way to the fifth rope. He must then climb up the rope to get onto the green bar.
Green Bar Resting Area (not an obstacle) The competitor uses this area to gain stamina. The player must then press up to climb onto the Flying Bar.
Flying Bar Timing The competitor jumps from one rung to the next using the same controls as the Jumping Bars, except he must jump with up instead of right.
Pipe Slider N/A The competitor must jump the bar from the Flying Bar onto the track. He must then push the bar along the track with right. At the end of the track, he must hold space and press right, doing this repeatedly so he can swing and jump to the finish platform.

Most strength-draining obstacles

  • Body Prop
  • Shin-Cliffhanger
  • Ascending Ropes

No Time Limit

Final StageEdit

This Final Tower is the game's equivalent to Shin-SASUKE's Final Stage. It is very strength-draining, and obviously is not easy to clear.

Final Tower
Section Name Buttons Used Description

Heavenly Ladder

Left and Right The player climbs a tall rope ladder using left and right, hitting them repeatedly. He must press space to grab the G-Rope.
G-Rope All four arrow keys The contestant climbs this rope by pressing the button in this order, repeatedly: ←, →, ↑, ↓. He must hit the final button with space.

Time Limit: 40.0 seconds



Danny has just scaled the Final Tower to become the next-



After acheiving Kanzenseiha, the Japanese characters used to make up the word "KANZENSEIHA" appear on-screen.

You can go onto the options to turn on "Samurai Mode" to play with hints and more time.

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