Mount Midoriyama

Mount Midoriyama and all its glory...

Mount Midoriyama is a gigantic steel structure in the form of a mountain in Japan. It acts as the final stage for Ninja Warrior. Its frame is made of crisscrossing bars throughout the three different sections, and in the center, either a rope ladder or just a rope is utilized for conquering the tion

Only the truly elite will ever even get the chance to climb Mount Midoriyama. And only true Ninja Warriors can actually press the buzzer on the top in the short amount of time given. Successfully climbing the tower is the final obstacle in Ninja Warrior, and after that, they receive their honor. However, it is very uncommon. Many have tried, few were chosen. Makoto Nagano and a few others were able to beat it. It is truly the test of strength and will.

After the grueling Stage 3, players will already be in low strengths, making it even harder. Also, slipping up or getting tangled is just an absolute tragedy... there may be time to recover, but if you are like a normal human being, you will fail in shame.

Ninja Warrior TitanitiokoEdit

  • Depending on the SASUKE tournament, Mount Midoriyama can be a different height. It is usually in proportion to the time allotted as well, though. Every time someone completes it, Mount Midoriyama gets even harder.
  • The Japanese commentator has mentioned stuff about the demons of Midoriyama, such as in obstacles like the Pipe Slider. There might be, considering the amount of failures on it...
  • In the fourth season on American Ninja Warrior, Mount Midoriyama is build in Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • So far in American Ninja Warrior, Isaac Caldiero & Geoff Britten were the only two Americans who are able to reach the top, with Caldiero taking home the prize.