Kazuhiko Akiyama is a 40 year old massage theripest, former wresler, and former crab fisherman who has competed in 20 Sasuke Competitions, in one of them he became the only man(until Makoto Nagano followed)to ever complete the final stage, but has failed to reach that point in recent years. In the 4th Competition he achieved total victory and was the only man to do so until Sasuke 17. One of his most unexpected defeats was in the 13th Competition where he failed the Crooked Wall when he missed the rope and tumbled into the water. Another one of Akiyama's most unexpected defeats was in the 9th Competition when he failed the first obstacle the Quintuple Step. In 2006 he announced retirment, but came back to compete recently. In the 22nd Competition he unexpectedly failed the Halfpipe Attack when his foot slipped off the obstacle before he could even make it up the wall. As of 2012, Akiyama has completed the First Stage 6 times, the Second Stage 3 times, the Third Stage once, and the Final Stage once.

2nd:failed Wall Lifting_100 2nd

3rd:failed Wall Lifting_99 2nd

4th:TOTAL VICTORY WITH 6.0 sec to spare_86

6th:failed Jump Hang_100 1st

7th:failed Jump Hang_99 1st

8th:failed Jump Hang_99 1st

9th:failed Quintuple Step_100 1st

10th:failed Warped Wall_981 1st

11th:failed Body Prop_99 3rd

12th:failed Pipe Slider_97 3rd

13th:failed Crooked Wall_91 1st

14th:failed Warped Wall_71 1st

15th:failed Warped Wall_81 1st

16th:failed Metal Spin_71 2nd

17th:failed Circle Slider_71 1st

20th:failed Halfpipe Attack_1901 1st

22nd:failed Halfpipe Attack_20 1st

24th:failed Warped Wall_62 1st

25th:failed Warped Wall_98 1st

28th:failed Spinning Bridge_96 1st

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