Half Pipe Attack challenger

A challenger running across the slope and reaching for the rope on SASUKE 20.

The Half Pipe Attack is one of the harder obstacles of Stage 1. It comes right after the Jumping Spider and is proceeded by the ominous Warped Wall. Many competitors have fallen subject to Mount Midoriyama's waters on this challenge because of the coordination needed.


A small amount of padded space is allowed for attempters to get a running start at the Half Pipe Attack. Once it runs out, it leads into the actual pipe, basically a cylinder cut in half (you know, in correlation with the name) that players must run across. Eventually, they would fall, but thanks to a rope hanging from above, contestants can grab hold of it and swing to a very small platform, which leads to the next obstacle.

Improper speed is a usual reason of failing on this obstacle. Without the needed momentum, challengers just slowly descend and eventually hit the water. Another major necessity went trying to cross the Half Pipe Attack is balance. Because it's basically almost a 90 degree wall, people can easily just tip over. Footwork/grip is also very advised... Even if you do get across the pipe and grab hold of the rope, great estimation and aim are needed to hit the awaiting platform squarely. Otherwise, you can succeed in the actual half pipe but fall straight into the muddy waters.

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