Bunpei Shiratori is a 45 year old government worker in chiba who competed 11 times. Bunpei has made it to the Final Stage once on his third try but has not made it there in other attempts. He debuted in the 9th Competition but failed the First Stage's Warped Wall. In the 10th Competition he was not selected to compete, but returned in the 11th Competition where he went past Stage 1 but timed out in Stage 2 on the Wall Lift. In the 12th Competition he failed to scale the Final Stage tower only 9 in. away from the finish. In the 13th Competition he made it to the 3rd Stage but failed the Pipe Slider. Since his debut he's had a training course in his backyard which he invite's other challengers to use it. In the 14th Competition he became an All-Star, but he shocked the crow when he failed the 2nd Stage Obstacle the Balance Tank. In Sasuke 15 he overcame Heatstroke to make it to Stage 3 but failed the Climbing Bars. In other attempts he failed the 3rd Stage in the 16th Competition(failed Pipe Slider), and in the 17th Competition(failed Body Prop). He's also fallen in Stage 1 in the 18th ,and 19th Competitions failing the Jumping Spider and Flying Chute. He did not compete in the 20th Competition due to a back injury. He did return in the 21st Competition where he failed the first obstacle of Stage 2 the Downhill Jump. He was forced to drop out of Sasuke 22 due to a knee injury. As of 2009 Shiratori has completed the First Stage 8 times, the Second Stage 5 times, and the Third Stage once.

9th:failed Warped Wall_79 1st

11th:failed Wall Lifting_66 2nd

12th:failed Rope Climb_77 Final

13th:failed Pipe Slider_99 3rd

14th:failed Balance Tank_96 2nd

15th:failed Climbing Bars_94 3rd

16th:failed Pipe Slider_97 3rd

17th:failed Body Prop_95 3rd

18th:failed Jumping Spider_82 1st

19th:failed Flying Chute_81 1st

21st:failed Downhill Jump_83 2nd