Design Edit

The Body Prop is similar to the Second Stage's Spider Walk, however the panels are further apart, so to clear this obstacle, you must make a bridge with your body, across the gap. On the side you put your feet on, there is one gap in the middle of the panel, which you must cross to stay up. On the side you put your hands on, there were originally two irregular gaps, but as the tournaments continued, there became more gaps.


Tournament Number Challenger
11th No. 99 Kazuhiko Akiyama
6th No. 93 Toshihiro Takeda
11th No. 97 Toshihiro Takeda
15th No. 95 Shingo Yamamoto
17th No. 98 Shingo Yamamoto
17th No. 81 Bunpei Shiratori

These are results for when All-Stars failed the Body Prop.