Since Ninja Warrior began, there have been six All-Stars, the challengers most likely to clear the final stage. The six are:

Kazuhiko Akiyama , a 37-year-old crab fisherman

First Tournament: Sasuke 2

Last Tournament: Sasuke 25

Makoto Nagano , a 38-year-old fisherman

First Tournament: Sasuke 7

Last Tournament: Sasuke 25

Toshihiro Takeda , a 34-year-old firefighter

First Tournament: Sasuke 5

Last Tournament: Sasuke 25

Shingo Yamamoto , a 36-year-old gas station manager

Competed in every tournament

Bunpei Shiratori , a 43-year-old government worker

First Tournament: Sasuke 9

Last Tournament: Sasuke 21

Katsumi Yamada , a 44-year-old, known as 'Mr. Ninja Warrior'

First Tournament: Sasuke 1

Last Tournament: Sasuke 24

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